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Amana Associate Ltd T/A Exact Utilities

Exact Utilities provide wide range of support and consultancy services to the SMEs across United Kingdom. We provide Utility products with best available price to our customers within the market with full transparency.

Our aim is to help obtaining to the point energy solution minimising waste while making them extremely cost effective. We offer professional advice to our commercial customers regarding their energy costs. We have partnered with almost all of largest energy suppliers in the UK.

Along with our utility solutions, we also help our commercial customers by providing Card processing, Telephone and Broadband and business finance with best possible competitive prices.

Guaranteed Price with better services

We are always closely working and relentlessly negotiate with our suppliers/partners to get the very best deal for our clients.

We have been working in this field for years and over the years we have an admirable reputation for supporting a huge number of clients and which as a result also enables us puts us in a better position for the very best possible rates in the market.